Can I add an owned property?

Yes. Your owned property is part of your overall portfolio so it’s important to be included in your net worth.

To add an owned property, just go to assets > property and click on the ‘add a new property’ button in the ‘owned property’ section.

We will ask you for:

  • Your address; and
  • Price you paid for the property when you first bought it

We then use one of our data partners to get the current resale value of your property.

It's important to include the purchase price so we can monitor and show you the equity growth in the properties in your portfolio. This growth can be used in future investments and will be valuable information for both you and your mortgage broker.

Click on the property card from the owned property section:

Group 44

And you will see the property equity you have gained over time. This is updated every 90 days.

Property Value

If you ever sell your property, you can use the side navigation, accessible through the hamburger menu and select ‘manage accounts’. You can then use the supplied toggles to remove the property from our calculations.