How do I set a savings goal?

Just answer 4 quick questions...

We have made it really simple to set a financial goal and added a little gamification to keep you progressing in the right direction.

First, select the 'tool menu' from the footer navigation and select 'set your savings goal'.

Tools Home - Before Goal Set

Next, answer 4 quick questions:

Savings Goal 2

  • What are you saving for?
    • First home deposit
    • Income property
    • Holiday or second home
    • Other investment
    • Motor vehicle
    • Boat of leisure craft
    • Holiday
    • Electronics
    • Other
  • How much in total you are planning to save?
  • How much are you able to save each month?
  • Finally, what bank account should we monitor*?

Once you have completed these questions, click the button so set your goal and you will now be taken to your goal screen:

Savings Goal -detail

If the dial is green, you are on track. If it's red, you are behind schedule.

Happy saving!


*We recommend selecting an account dedicated to this specific goal.