How do I share my data report?

It only takes a click.

We have made sharing a detailed financial report as simple as possible - and you can send it to anyone you'd like. All it takes is three simple steps...

First, click on 'Tools' in the footer navigation; then select 'share financial data'

Tools Home - Before Goal Set

Now select from your approved list - if you are connected to a mortgage broker and/or a financial advisor, they will appear in this list. If not, select 'other' and enter the email address of the person you are sending your report to (it can be your own if you wish).

Tools Home - Before Goal Set -up

Select the amount of data you wish to share. We offer choice of 3, 6 and 12 months worth of data.

Share Financial Data

Finally, click 'send financial data' and we will send your financial report to your nominated financial professional or email address.

It's that simple.